A Joyful Existence

Dear Reader, As it turns out, happiness is far more accessible than I imagined in my previous post. Perhaps it is the people I have surrounded myself with, the change of scenery, or the freedom of beginning a new chapter, but the joy I find in daily life has begun to steadily increase. The catch, […]

Oh, she’s “that” girl

Dear Reader, The main symptoms of heartbreak are as follows: Lack of appetite Constant feeling of nausea Extreme insomnia Dehydration Increased work ethic Over the pst week I have been experiencing each of these in varying degrees, some come in waves and others like to pop by for an afternoon cup of tea. Occasionaly they […]

6 Months

Dear Reader, It has been six months since my last post on this site, and much has happened in the meantime. The senioritis I swore would never affect me now shows it’s symptoms in the the piles of unopened emails in my inbox, and stacks of notes on the dining room table. Does senior year […]

Lessons Learned

Dear Reader, I entered AP lang believing that I both enjoyed and was good at writing. Ha. Not so. This class has taught me many things, not the least of which is that I will never, ever, EVER be a professional writer. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, I liked the idea of […]

Dear Reader

Dear Reader, In a world that is both frightening and unreliable, there is one thing I know I can rely on: You. Despite my almost overwhelming hatred for blog posts, and my impressive procrastination when it comes to writing them, there is some measure of comfort in knowing that there is an invisible person waiting […]

You’re Stupid and I Hate You

Disclaimer: the title of this piece is not a reflection of my feelings towards any of you, in any way. It is simply an example of how our words and tone can influence how we are perceived, and how we perceive others. If you are still reading this calmly, congratulations, we need more people like […]

Don’t Talk to Me

Dear Reader, I would like to begin with a disclaimer. When asked to write about the capacity of entertainment to “ruin” society, I realized that whether or not something is “ruined” is completely relative. For example, if you have grown up with a mother (or father) whose cooking skills are subpar at best, you are […]